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Remembrance Collection

25th April is one of New Zealand’s most precious commemorative days. As a nation, we rise at dawn to stand together and remember those who have fallen. We wear a poppy on our lapel to honour those who have been in service to our country. It is a day of pride and it reminds us to be grateful for the service of others in protecting our country in the past and the present.

Remembrance Poppy
NZ Fern
Forever Fern Necklace
Classic Forever Fern Necklace
Statement Forever Fern Necklace
Forever Fern Drops
Statement Forever Fern Bangle
Forever Fern Bangle
Forever Fern Bracelet
Forever Fern Brooch
Forever Fern Ring
Forever Fern Studs
Aotearoa’s Fern
NZ Love (Love & Pride)
NZ Flag
Aotearoa's Kiwi (Pride)
NZ Pride (Mana)
Baby Kiwi (Born in NZ)
Kiwi Studs (NZ Icon)
Heart of NZ Studs
Heart of NZ Necklace
Kia Kaha (Stand Strong)
Eternal Fern
Trinity Fern
Southern Cross