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A kaleidoscope of colour embraces New Zealand in autumn. From March to May alluring golds and warm reds are generously splashed across our landscape. Capture the warmth of Autumn with our beautiful selection of Autumn themed charms and jewellery. 

Shepherd's Whistle Pendant
Huia Feather Single Pendant (oxidised)
Huia Feather Single Pendant (polished)
Love Leaf Necklace
Love Leaf Drop Earrings
Pinecone Pendant (Independence & Intuition)
Pinecone Drops (Independence & Intuition)
Acorn Pendant (Potential)
Acorn Drops (Potential)
Wild Vine Drops (Spirited)
Aotearoa's Autumn
Coffee Cup
Aotearoa (Long White Cloud)
Mighty Oak (Resilience & Potential)
Tramping Boot
Shepherd’s Whistle
Lucky Horseshoe
NZ Pinecone (Independence & Intuition)
Aotearoa’s Heart (Gold)
Forever (Gold)
Shepherd's Whistle Necklace
Huia Feather Necklace (Oxidised)
Huia Feather Necklace (Polished)
Huia Feather Duo Necklace
Acorn Necklace (Potential)
Pinecone Necklace (Independence & Intuition)