Cleaning and Care

Cleaning & care

Evolve jewellery is beautifully handcrafted. Keep your jewellery looking as stunning as the day you bought it by following our cleaning and care guidelines.


To clean, we recommend using the Evolve polishing cloth, which contains a natural cleaning agent to help protect your precious charms from tarnish over time. The Evolve cloth is ideal for quick and easy cleaning of all gold and silver jewellery and comes in a neat little ‘pocket pack’.

To further preserve the beauty of your Evolve jewellery, we recommend that you occasionally soak your charm bracelet for 10 minutes in lukewarm water with a drop of cleaning product (e.g any standard liquid soap). Gently clean with a small soft brush, then rinse and dry thoroughly. Finally, wipe with the Evolve polishing cloth to protect with our natural anti-tarnish agent.


Evolve is high quality, precious jewellery, which is designed to be worn every day - providing you are not engaging in activities that may accelerate the ageing process.

We strongly recommend that you treasure your jewellery by avoiding the following situations:

  • Sulphur/thermal environments

  • The use of chemical cleaning agents

  • Showering, swimming or bathing with your jewellery on

  • Sleeping with your jewellery on

  • Playing sport, cleaning, gardening or engaging in activities, work or social, that may damage your jewellery


For more information please view the Evolve Product Warranty